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  1. On the topic of the order of the available courses for the objective determined by a student.Maybe groupings of courses within the system for lead,rhythm etc. Understanding not everyone is a lifetime member,Starting and finishing a course , time and money would be a concern . VIVA LA JONATHON AND STAFF.thank you.
  2. I have a four foot by two foot by two foot cabinet with ythree small amps mounted in the front.Combined with an. 01 HARMAN. KARDON AVR7000 for a combined output of 160 watts.And I also have CRATE 2 X 12 120 watt amp with 2 EV floor monitors,100 watts each. Where I lives. is remote enough that I don't disturb my neighbors too much.Somes it al ittle .loud for my girlfriend and our16 cats.But I'm lucky that I can be loud.Im a strong silent type but I get a guitar in my hands,I want turn it way up.Then I can play with the feedback to create some different sounds.GOOD TIMES.
  3. I have 3 acoustics and 2 electrics right now. 2 of the acoustics are entry level that really weren't very good and recommended by guitar teachers who thought they were making parents happy by offering something pretty cheap for a kid who might not stick with it. I'm a parent who wanted something reasonable, yes, but something that still sounded good for my kids and myself that would get us enthused to play and keep us that way for a while. My favorite acoustic now is a Taylor 214ce DLX. One of my electrics is an old Squier Fret bought in either late 90's or early 2000's, I think. It was given to me by a former student when they left to use for others. My new electric is a Strandberg Boden 6 string. Love it! I'm looking to buy another smaller acoustic soon to take outside by the fire pit and on camping trips and the like or just moving from my studio to the living room. lol I actually have more guitars than I ever thought I would own. My husband has been so supportive of my habit. :)

    1. DeafBlind Renee

      DeafBlind Renee

      oops, I think I replied in the wrong place for this. Deleting doesn't seem to be an option, though I hoped to delete and then post in the right place. Oh, well...


    2. DeafBlind Renee

      DeafBlind Renee

      I also see that my auto correct didn't like strat and changed it to Fret. lol I need to do some tweaking to this braille display system I got.

  4. My first guitar bought from a buddy,a BC RICH MOCKINGBIRD. Then I obtained,for cheap,an IBANEZ GIO.,which needed some work .Then my stepdaughter gave me an acoustic SUNLITE.Damaged with a hole through it that I fixed to play it. For my birthday a friend gave me a SQUIER TELECASTER. On another birthday my girlfriend bought a.no name STRATACASTER online as a gift. And my most recent purchase was a new EPIPHONE SG.My new favorite. My goal is to have all the different pick up combinations rendering each one with its distinct characteristics.
  5. Ty,Daisy.still figuring how to navigate the forum.Response timing or lack of.
  6. Hey Shaan, Good to see someone I recognise.
  7. LIVE from Tucson,Az. Pleased to be here.Started my journey wanting to put my eulogy in honor of my late brother,Jeff ,to music. Not so much into learning anyone else's expressions,but to derive my own in my own way.A.nd I have found the place. Thank you,Jonathon.Joel.
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