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  1. Thats a great mindset to be in! Keep it going and try to improve something little everyday and it will all add up. like mastering a technique or memorizing a scale then moving that scale around to play in different keys, or learning a new chord
  2. Heck yes!!! and the journey just keeps going and going.
  3. "Golden" loved the video Doug Thank you for taking the time to put it together so Quickly  it is exactly what I was looking for

    See you on Zoom Sept 6th 

    Sincerely Darrin Peters 

  4. I LOVE IT! I'm very excited for you being able to figure out what other musicians are doing now. It shows your dedication to the craft and naturally the scope of your musical awareness is broadening because of it. Keep it up and continue to reap the rewards on your journey. DONT STOP... Believing!! haha
  5. Hi Doug!

    Yesterday on the live session you asked for solos suggestions, well, here is mine:

    1970, American Woman by the Guess Who.

    Solo goes from about 2min52 to 3min35 in the song, So a 43 seconds part that I always loved.

    This is just a suggestion and I am open to any piece you might pick for the course. Up to me then, after the course, to try cracking it up by myself! Should be fun!



  6. Most anything you can do on an electric can be done on an acoustic.
  7. That's awesome ! I like to emphasize learning bit by bit. Guitar is easier to digest when you take baby steps every day and the next thing you know it, you have a massive guitar vocabulary of licks
  8. Doug, will you be downloading the blues backtracks that you use in your videos so we can practice solo?

    1. Doug Van Bevers

      Doug Van Bevers

      ^^ right here mate ^^ it's in the bonus video

  9. Flow Across The Fretboard With Effortless Speed And Accuracy, And Improvise "Tasty" Solos With An Endless Stream Of Fresh Ideas In Your Own Style... All In Just 4 Weeks with the Ultimate Speed, Accuracy & Improvising Masterclass! A 4-Week Workshop That Will Take Your Guitar Playing Further Than You Ever Dreamed... All At Your Own Pace... Doug's latest Masterclass will start on Monday, January 17, 2022 and run for 4 weeks - including 1 weekly session, and bite-sized daily exercises - until Friday, February 11, 2021. Everything will be recorded and available for you to go at your own pace. So there's no pressure to attend the live weekly sessions, if you'd rather watch on your own time. That way, you'll be able to enjoy brand new, amazing guitar skills at your leisure! Check out all the info for Doug's upcoming Masterclass here: Speed, Accuracy, and Improv! Rock and roll! E Minor Backing Track 100.mp3 Bonus Lick.gp Bonus Lick.pdf
  10. Slides and Bends Lick.gp Slides and Bends Lick.pdf
  11. There's not many feelings in life that are like picking up a guitar at the end of the day and just having fun with it. I'm glad I can add to your knowledge
  12. E Minor Petatonic Pull Offs.gp E Minor Petatonic Pull Offs.pdf
  13. if you have an acoustic practice these same ideas and when you get an electric it will be easy like butter. you wont believe its not butter ha
  14. Practice on 2 strings at a time to get your fingers used to it. Example the D and the G strings on the 12th and 14th fret are easy notes to get comfortable with and you can do alot with those 4 different notes
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