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  1. We learned that we could number notes 1-7 across the fret board. With notes 3,4 and 7,1 being a half-step. So when I look at Scale pattern 1, starting at the root note I go 1-2-3 first string, then 4 -5-6 2nd string, and 7/1-2, 3rd string. etc. but what happens if I start with say Scale pattern 6? The only way that pattern works with numbering is to be 6 - 7 / 1, then 2 - 3/4. How do I know with each pattern the numbering system to start? Or is that even something to do with learning the patterns and connecting them across the fretboard?
  2. Thanks for confirming. Do you know the setup between electric guitar and the amp to allow that to happen? If I hammer-on a different string than just played, I don't get any effect.
  3. Technique question. I didn't understand how to do hammer-on say the G-string and then hammer-on the D string without actually plucking the D string. Did I see that in the posted video?
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