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Chris Wiggin

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I don't know about you guys but I find myself constantly going back to lessons to remind myself of the various major scale position charts. I know we should be learning them off by heart as we go along but with people as old as me, we occasionally need a little refresher. I don't believe Jonathon has published all the different position charts on one page so I find myself  hopping back and forth through different lessons to find position 3 and then position 4 etc. If he has, my apologies and please delete this post. However, to aid me I've produced a little pdf with all the position charts on one page and I thought others might find it useful as well. I hope it's all correct but I can't promise anything as my eyes were going dizzy with all the dots. If anyone spots a mistake let me know and I'll correct it. I guess I should say, please don't use this as a cheat sheet to skip ahead to positions if you haven't already gone through them with Jonathon's lessons. Just use this as a resource once you have.

major scale position chart.pdf

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