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Delbert Moke from South Dakota hi everyone

Delbert Moke

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I got interested in playing guitar at a very young age my dad and his brother played local barn dances. At about 10 I got 5 instructed lessons on Dad's dobro. Things were tough for the family back then so I wasn't able to get a guitar of my own. After I started out on my own I bought a lap steel tried to learn from books got nowhere. Bought a 6 string acoustic got nowhere with that bought a dobro got nowhere with that. Couldn't figure out what I was missing. Hope some day to be able to play and have fun at our camp fires. Would love to play accompaniment and lead with friends and jam along. Braekthrough guitar has helped me figure out the fret board l have a long way to go and can use all the help I can get but I am working on it.

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