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Am I the only one Missing Interaction?

DeafBlind Renee


I realize that not everyone likes participating or can participate in a live class each week which was part of the format before. I also know the teachers are busy and have lives of their own, so weekly sessions are difficult for many, and arranging the time in the schedule to show up to view or teach is disappointing when few are there or few ask questions. I get that. I really do. I do miss the interaction with a live teacher, though. Even in my situation where viewing and understanding is difficult, I showed up and did  my best because not only was it fun, but I learned even more than just watching the recorded videos. I also was beginning to make friends with other classmates and teachers where I felt more comfortable asking questions and showing what I could do feeling less vulnerable to possible criticism. My classmates offer as much advice and encouragement as the the teacher did which has paid off in my learning majorly.


So, I miss the live interaction. Is it possible to arrange something periodically, so we can get together to work on something together? It doesn't have to be every week. In fact, that might be too much. Once a month? Once a quarter? Any ideas? 

Notable people who really helped me with their own questions that I didn't even know enough to ask, but learned from the answers and gave me advice were Rich W, Yves Cadieux, Karins, Ryan and of course, the teachers, who still give their all each day- Danny and Doug. 


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I am so with you, Renee, and have been thinking the same lately. 

I was in and out of town, mostly away and without a guitar, for about two months, so I really fell behind here; knowing that the content is and will be available to go through at my own pace is fantastic.  But I agree that even though the live classes were on zoom, there was still a sense of connectivity, community, and it was easier to maintain regularity - maybe because of a sense of accountability to the group. Plus I miss seeing everyone's faces.

So, I, too, would like to see at least a partial return to live class offerings.

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