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Hello from AZ


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Hey Everyone, This is Jeff from Glendale, AZ.  So, I just recieved a call from Jerry Pollard, with Breakthrough Guitar.  He was kindly checking in on my progress and he reminded me about this resource and encouraged me to join - so here I am.  I have been playing guitar for over 40 years, but it is all self taught.  I have never been in a band. so I have very little experience playing with other musicians live.  I just crank my sound system, plug in and join my favorite bands like Zeppelin, Rush, KingsX, etc.  I can quickly fit in and throw a decent jam over just about any genre, but once the music stops, the magic is over.  I don't have a framework built to go back and play that song by myself and make it sound good.  So, I am stuck in a rut.  I am trying to incorporate the Breakthrough Guitar scales and "theory" into my established patterns and hitting some walls.  I am hoping to connect with other guitarists on this forum and see where the journey takes me.  Thanks


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Guest mrCharlesMuT
Im Ajie from PH. The moderator finally approved my registration yey

Im here to learn more about Hinduism, to sneak around in any topic that may interest me. Soon I will post my questions. Hope I can learn a lot from you all. Thank you
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