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Gold Teaching Option Accelerator


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Hey @Jonathan
Hope you’re well. This sounds great. I’ve already filled in the Gold application but have a few questions:
I’m after a teacher like you who I can trust to take me from where I am to totally being able to play anything I hear or know musically instantly without any thought. I just want to be able to hear a song or solo or any piece of music and instantly be able to play it on guitar. Same thing for music in my head. I want to hear it and play it instantly. I want that total freedom like someone like Slash. They can pick up and play over anything without thinking about it and it all sounds awesome.
I want the shortcuts and the hidden secrets and not just the standard learn the pentatonic scale or the major scales and it just takes repetition and years. From a teacher perspective I just get sick of with those teachers because I’m looking for that special teacher to unlock the roadmap for me in a way that is fun and provable and gets results.
I just wanted to know if this is that and those goals can be realised on this accelerator course👍😊 Thank you as always.


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