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Framework and Fitness difference?



Hi all,

I only started the course last week and i am not sure of where the difference is in Framework And Fitness.

I go through No Nonsense Notes and you play the note as it is called.

Is this Framework or Finess? Do i have to get this right before moving on?

Cheers Ossie

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Hey @OssieINXS and great advice @Alan Desmond!

We call these the 5 "dimensions" of guitar playing that give you the freedom to play near anything you set your mind to. You can learn about them at the Guitar Freedom Formula course, which is a roadmap to kind of understand how GFF is structured.

There, you can see the dimensions described as:

  1. FRAMEWORK - How to hit the right notes (and the right "feelings"), anywhere on the guitar neck, without having to think as you play. 
  2. PHRASING - How to make the notes you play sound musical, alive, and expressive (instead of dull, lifeless, or mechanical). 
  3. FITNESS - How to know your way around the neck, and "loosen" up your fingers so they can play almost anything.
  4. HARMONY - How to know what notes sound good together, know the right chords, and have the ability play to play any chord without knowing the shape. 
  5. RHYTHM - How to "fit" into the music and stay connected to the groove, no matter if you're strumming, playing lead, or soloing. 

I hope this helps!

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Think Ive seen those phrases mentioned somewhere in a general context. But my opinion would be  fitness would be the training of your fingers and brain to co ordinate what your doing, suggest you'll find that stuff in the dexterity unit. Framing is generally selecting a particular topic. Ther's so many subjects and styles you can do with guitar, then practice the topic you decide till youve achieved what ur looking for. "Heh presto youve got it framed".

Just a recommendation, start with grid 101 then grid matery. Suggest you read the general ones too. Lile lightbulb moment. Make yourself a handy ready ref sheet for fretboard notes. Takes a while but you'll soon b able to remember octave positions.

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