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Links, Videos or Audio Files Aren't Working. What Should I Do?

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If links are not opening, videos are not playing or audio files are not playing, then your browser cache or browser settings could be preventing the links or files from opening properly. 

Please try a different browser (for example, if you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, please try Google Chrome). 

You can also try a different device (for example, if you are using a laptop, try using your phone (recommended).

If you are able to open the link, watch the video or listen to the audio on a new browser or device, this indicates that the technical issue you are having is a cache issue. Once you clear your cache on the browser or device that is not working, it should work again.

If you still run into issues with any links, videos or audio files - after trying these recommendations - please reach out to us at support@breakthroughguitar.com and we can take a look and get you back to your lessons quickly.

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