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How Can I Make My Videos Load Faster?

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If your videos are slow to load, it may be a symptom of any number of issues. As our videos are hosted by a reputable company, it is unlikely this is due to the video itself.

Here are a few recommendations to improve the loading or buffering speed of the videos

Please look in the lower right-hand corner of your video player. There, you will find a little "gear" icon. Click that icon, and you will see a list of numbers. These are quality settings for the video and they affect how fast or slow the video loads.  The higher this number, the better quality of the video, but the slower the video will load. The lower the number, the less quality you will see, but the faster your video will load. 

In order to get your video to load fastest, please select the lowest number (244p or 380p), then play your video again. You can adjust this setting as needed. 

You may also encounter slow load times simply due to your internet connection, so following a standard protocol to resolve a slow internet connection could remedy this for you.

Lastly, if you are still having issues with your videos, please log in by using a different browser and trying the videos on that new browser. If your videos load quickly and play well on a new browser, it will be an indication that the cache needs to be cleared on the browser that is having issues. Once you do this, your videos should load and you'll be good to go.

And remember! If you have any further questions or need help from our support team, don't hesitate to reach out to support@breakthroughguitar.com

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