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Where do we go from here?

Chris Wiggin

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The one thing most of us should have in common is we are all signed up member to Breakthrough Guitar and having fun working though the courses and to anyone who isn't I'd encourage you to do so. At some point though we will all get to the the stage where we've worked though all of Jonathon's modules and be looking to take it to the next stage. From what I can gather a lot of people using Breakthrough came to it after years of frustration with other courses/books/DVDs that just didn't work ( I know I did) so you might be hesitant to dive back into that jungle. What to do then?

My first tip would be to take out a lifetime membership to Breakthrough. Even though I still had four months access left I've bitten the bullet and become a lifer because I want to know I can always come back to these courses in the future.

But where else do you look amongst the thousands of other  online and YouTube teachers who all claim to turn you into a guitar god in six weeks?

Well, there are a few I've used in the past and would still recommend today. This is my (deliberately) very short list but perhaps we could all contribute to build this into a useful resource with other recommendations?

Note: My area of interest is the blues so bear that in mind. You can spend a fortune on courses like Artistworks and Truefire which cover every genre but if you are anything like me you'll find them overwhelming. I prefer courses that just focus in on one area of interest. With that in mind the first place to look is:

Justin Guitar

A great place to start. This guy is phenomenal. Not just because he is a great all round guitarist and teacher bit because 95% of his stuff is free. There are thousands of free lessons on his YouTube channel and website. Justin does cover all genres but there is lots of beginner blues stuff to get you on the right road.  A big plus for me though is he has loads of songs both to learn and play along to. It's great learning riffs and solos but you also need to learn how to play complete songs. For years I ignored this guy because all his stuff was free as i used to think "this guy can't be that good if he doesn't charge". I was wrong.  https://www.justinguitar.com


If you want to dive deeper into the Blues my next recommendation would be Griff Hamlin.

Blues Guitar Unleashed

Griff is the author of the highly successful Blues guitar Unleashed course which dives deeper into the Blues. He also does courses on Acoustic blues. Delta Blues slide Guitar and a ton of other resources like Blues Jam Tracks, Blues solos, licks and in depth studies of specific artist styles like Clapton, B B King and Chick Berry. He also does twice weekly live seminars for All-Access members. Griff lives in Texas and is a gigging musician with his Single Barrel Blues Band. Check out his courses here: https://bluesguitarunleashed.com 


Finally if you want to drill down even further into that specific Blues style typified by the likes of Albert King, BB King, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan you have to head over to Anthony Stauffer's website:

Texas Blues Alley

This site has a ton of lessons and note by note solos dedicated to to the Texas blues style. the 'Old Tone Zone' with lots of nerdy discussion on gear, free blues tracks etc. I promise you this guy sounds more like Stevie Ray Vaughan than the man himself so if that's your goal, he's 'yer man. One caveat on this recommendation is that whilst I used to subscribe a few years ago I don't currently but at $19.95 a month  it's something I think I'll be diving into again to very shortly  https://texasbluesalley.com/


Well that's it form me. I'd love to hear about any courses that have worked for you.....




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Good question Mr.Wiggin,

This question came into my mind a few times in the past weeks and yes, there are a lot of resources on YouTube, but I do not want to fall back into the bits and pieces again. So your suggestions are more than welcome.

My progress with Jonathan's lessons has been more than satisfactory in the last five months and I keep referring to the courses to solidify the whole thing. Also with BTG I know have a tree with good branches where to "hang" new notions from other sources and I am thankful for that.

Anyway, I have found interesting "lessons" with some people, but I want to check on those sources a bit more before I mention them here.

You raised a good subject and hope to contribute soon with some suggestions. In the meantime I will check on yours.

Thank you....Guitar is great!

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