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Some Thoughts

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Hi folks, ive put this in thes area of most improvements.i think I've co.e a long way since starting BTG in Jan 2021. But i dont get recognisable break throughs just a slow and stready. This may apply to alot of others. So here grom me is what i feel has given me best progress.

1) ive attached a copy of fretborad chart i found, its always good to have 1 to hans, although you will learn alot of note positions as you go alo g.

2) From anyone whose seen my posts before you will know i try play/practice Am pentatonic 4 positions as start up practice daily and mix between them 2 & 3 are particular useful, zpply to so  many songs, move the patter 2 frets toeard  neck your in the key of G or 2 towards body youve got B or 3 frets you e goy C.

3) Its good to get your chord changes upto speed. I like to play an introduction to a song, maybe 3 chords, then play the mwlody & a y bridge paerts, then to end go back to the home chord run. It gives songs structure, 

4) important to learn  chord families, like if your playing in key of D, a nice chord run is D  then A7  to G, back to A7 and D. Can always take the D chord shape down 2 frets and use an E  chord,. Can use where it suits so g..  if your playing in key of C then C chord to F and back to  C chord often nice.

5) Always look to play parts of somgs at different octaves, Gives nice effect. Remember the rule move 2 frets right and 3 up to get next octave key not. (Just cater for warp zo e at B string).

6) Last little idea is to google travis picking and play the notes of the chord in a pattern that fits the somg. Not necessary all tje notes, some times you will to sdapt. The patter like insteas of playing dgb strings you may play bgd or some other that fits best before goi g back to a base  ote or chord.

Anyone looking for more theory theres alway pinterest on google, but bware they do inundate you with info.

This is just a little summary some of tje things, ive found on my journey. There are so many others you stumblw a ross. But i hope the new guys may find this helps

Learn notes on the guitar fretboard quickly.png

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