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How Do I Login To My Courses?

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To log into your courses, you must first locate your login credentials (username and password) in the email that was sent to you immediately after you signed up that contains your login information.

The subject line to this email will be similar to: "Your Login Info - (Course Name)".

Please follow the instructions in that email. The instructions include clicking the "login" icon found at the top right of the page. That will prompt you to enter your username and password. It is advisable to copy and paste your password to login to avoid any typos. It is important, though, not to copy and paste any space at the front or end of the password, as that will prompt an Invalid Login notification.

If you know your password, you can log in directly at the link below:


If you have any trouble logging, you believe your log in isn't working or simply forgot your password, please review those Instant Answers for further assistance

And remember! If you have any further questions or need help from our support team, don't hesitate to reach out to support@breakthroughguitar.com

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