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How do I learn to solo?

Breakthrough Guitar

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To play what's inside of you is to express your feelings but with the notes.

If you remember Jonathan speaks of the 7 feelings. Those 7 feelings, when played in a song can portray emotion. Have you ever listened to a guitar solo and it sounded like the guitar was talking? If you haven't I recommend re-listening to some of your favorite solos. That is what we mean when we talk about the emotions.

To play that way I recommend starting with this little exercise. Next time you hear a song that doesn't have a guitar solo I want you to play one with your mouth. Imagine what you think would sound good there and just sing it. It may take a few times and maybe you need to listen to some other solos for inspiration but literally just act like a 5-year-old and make sounds with your mouth.

To really learn how to solo it takes making yourself look like a fool in private. Play the wrong notes so you learn that they're wrong and play the right notes so that you learn which ones are right. Follow Jonathan's training and you will get there.

If this didn't quite answer your question, or you have a question you don't see in Instant Answers, let us know by posting your question here!

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