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Hey Guys Im Davison, I Live in Lakeland FL.


I committed myself to mastering guitar 15 months ago and Ive been practicing on avg 4-5 days per week.  I have massively improved but were a few things I felt stuck with and wanted to progress faster, so I just joined the platinum accelerator.  My goals are to play with anyone in any context, other than jazz lol cuz thats impossoble to understand.  I like punk rock, metal, spiritually engaged diverse cultural music, worship music, etc.. anything with passion oozing out haha.  I have a 10 yr drumming background.  Anyone in the central FL area hit me up and lets jam!

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Welcome to the forum @Davison

Tampa, here. I love hearing that you've committed yourself to mastering guitar. I can feel the passion come through in your message alone. Part of the battle is having the right mindset and getting after it daily, consistently. So, if you're doing it 4-5 days a week, you're killing it! Keep it up!

I know you're a new Accelerator member, so that is certainly going to help. Doug is outstanding and will surely help that mastering. I'm pumped to see your Breakthroughs posted as you have them.

And @Brock look at that! Another drummer guitarist who does worship music and more from Central Florida!

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