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I started playing guitar about 40 years ago in Jr. High in a guitar class. I played chords by strumming and learned to play some melodies one note at a time from sheet music. I had an on and off relationship with the guitar (mostly off). I really haven't grown much until about 2 years ago when I started looking up songs online and strumming chords. Then this year in February I started teaching guitar at our family owned music academy. We wanted to expand to teaching guitar so I said I was willing to take it on. I quickly realized how much I did not know. I started taking guitar lessons and have learned some scales, bar chords, theory, etc. 

If I had a magic wand I would be able to recognize chords and the chord progressions to play songs. I would be able to improvise and play lead parts. I would be able to teach guitar students that are beyond beginners. I would also be able to play on a worship band. In a nut shell this would be my dream for guitar.

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