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Hello from the Crazy State of Washington,

 My name is Jody (preferred Pronouns He, Him). I believe i picked up my first guitar about 50 + years ago at a Garage sale. I was into playing Folk and Country/western at the time, as a form of expressing myself. I gradually elevated to Pop and Rock with a twist bit of Blues. I have been self taught my entire guitar journey which has been more Off than On. The 20 years in the Army put a large damper on learning and practicing ( beings they broke four of my guitar while shipping my goods) trying to find "That guitar" that you meld with was a major challenge. My Breakthroughs will be many because I know I have developed several "Bad Habits" that I plan on correcting NOW. My overall Goal passion and ambition is to restore that "Warm fuzzy" feeling when you and your guitar express how your feeling through playing solid music.  I used to love doing JAM session with my buddies and hitting that euphoric after the sessions.

I'm at it again with intensity ( I just picked up an Electric "Strat" copy) at a garage sale and have the time to dedicate to my mental well being with music.

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