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Alan Arlo

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Hi (Alan Arlo) here, a new forum member. I've been toying with guitar from the early 80s but really never got to a level that I was happy with. My parents were mostly country players and singers so I did grow up with that and enjoyed listening to them. I regret when growing up, I never really took interest in what they did but I certainly am interested now and want to improve. My first love was flying. My second was music. I've listened to so many great songs and solos and wondered how do they make such great music from their guitars? I'm retired from the airlines now and that gave me the time to really try to improve on guitar. I've been practicing with Breakthrough since February and can honestly say I am improving and practicing nearly every day. I can jam OK with backing tracks, play rhythm and some finger picking but my goal is to able to play some nice solos for myself, friends and family. Ultimate dream is to be able to play guitar the way I want to and truly just have fun with it. I'm looking forward to some good advice and getting to the next level. Thanks


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Welcome to the group @Alan Arlo!

Amazing job sticking with your practice since February. That's HUGE! Consistency is key and you've certainly been mastering that. Now stick with it.

In fact, I'd love to hear anything you can share for the rest of us on the Breakthroughs you have had since February with that consistent practicing. Feel free to share at our Breakthroughs section!

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Thanks Austin, 

I think for my consistency in practicing comes from having a private space to go to. I have a small office area where I can remove myself from all distractions. I have my guitar, amp and mic all set to turn on. When I get my work done, my guitar is right there next to me. Have to pick it up and play something and learn more.

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