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New Song to Me and New Techniques

DeafBlind Renee

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Man, something has clicked for me. I decided to try Neil Young's Heart of Gold today. I remember sort of from my youth, and I liked it then. It was a catchy tune that you would find yourself popping out with the lines out of nowhere, and it would just lift your spirits. I am not sure why I remembered it today and decided to look it up, but I did. It's been a tiring day to end a tiring week as I enrolled new students and set up courses for all of our students and had meetings planning for the year and futures. Anyway, I guess I needed a break. I pulled it up on Ultimate guitar. I saw a little riff of c, b, a, g and another one of a h to b and d to e. After a quick couple of run throughs, I was feeling good and found myself doing the riff c, b, a, g all over the fret board during different parts of the song. I did it a bunch of ways until I decided where I thought it fit the best. Anyway, I felt like it was becoming more of my rendition. It was even neater that I just knew where to find those notes all over the fretboard and then choose which ones I thought sounded good and where in the song. I did like doing it in different places instead of the same place. I actually did a mid-fretboard run with a high G on the 15th fret towards the very end as part of the outro. I liked it, anyway. I don't know if anyone else would, but great thing about it was that it felt like my idea, a new one. lol If I could ever really get good at this recording with the hindrance that I have to have my bone conduction hearing aid set up rather than just playing out of an amp while I play and record, then I would show you. Maybe soon.

BTG is really helping this DeafBlind girl!! lol 

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