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Virtual Member Meetup Idea Discussion

Would you join a Virtual Member Meetup?  

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  1. 1. If we hosted on a Virtual Member Meetup, would you be interested in joining?

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Hey everyone,

The BG team have been working on forum features as of late, among other things, and one idea that we had is putting on a Virtual Member Meetup sometime in August.

This meet up, and future meet ups, could be any number of types of hangouts. From virtual jam sessions, open mic sessions, just a way for team members to meet and talk, etc.

If the first went well, we could schedule more, with the thought towards possibly having a Monthly Member Meet up.

Just another way to help facilitate the community being a place that helps you all connect with like-minded guitarists and find your next Breakthrough.

So, with all of that said, would you be interested in that? Vote in the Poll and share your idea below!

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  • Austin Carter changed the title to Virtual Member Meetup Idea Discussion

I would love it, but I would need a venue that would allow for auto generated captions to help me have some idea of what is going on being DeafBlind which means I am pretty much stone cold deaf where I can only feel vibrations and legally blind with some central vision. Zoom has CC if you enable it. It isn't perfect, but I get by for the most part. Other programs might have something similar. I would never ask you to provide a live ASL interpreter, though that works best for me. I just ask that you keep that in mind when figuring out what program to use. I do have Zoom with all the plugins, so I can get my music vibrations AND my music will play in the Zoom room through my Scarlett 2i2, so I could participate musically that way, too. I am willing to try other setups, too, if I know how.



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