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Picture of the 7 patterns


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19 hours ago, Etan said:

Does anyone have a picture of all seven patterns placed on the fretboard in order? If not I'll make one.

Take a look at the posts earlier on 25th April where all 7 patterns are shown on the fretboard as you requested. That pdf comes from one of the course modules, modes i think. Anyway it a good piece of ref material to laminate and keep handy.

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10 hours ago, Etan said:

Thanks a bunch! I know I saw the diagram around but I couldn't find it. Any info on modes is welcome too as I lean towards jazz guitar.

Think. Study the course unit on modes, there are differences in feel to the different ones, but they fall into major, minor and deminished as categories, all will be revealed when you complete that unit. If you want to get into theory you can always look at pinterest site, but be aware that they tend to inundate you with the theory all sorts jaz, blues, circle of 5th's stuff and much more. Anyway your choice. Alan

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