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Should I use all 4 fingers? Or can I get away with not using my pinky?

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You should absolutely use all 4 of your fingers, and here's why...

If you were in a boxing match, would you rather have one arm, or two? Of course, you'd rather have two, right?

On guitar, if you stop using your pinky, you're then limited to only 3 fingers of "note-hitting", which drastically limits what you can play.

I understand that your pinky may not be "comfortable" right now - but it WILL get so much easier. Go through the Unlimited Dexterity course - doing each exercise 1 at a time - and you WILL feel comfortable and confident with all 4 of your fingers. In fact, your fingers will feel like they "float" across the neck without really trying!

If this didn't quite answer your question, or you have a question you don't see in Instant Answers, let us know by posting your question here!

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