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Beginner lead guitarist just joined.

Orange Cowboy

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I'm simple acoustic guitar & mandolin strummer/improvise picker (some harmonica & songwriting too)- performed a bit at a local health food store and jammed with a few musician friends. So maybe an advanced beginner-early intermediate player. 

A Les Paul Epiphone 1960s Tribute Plus found me - intrigued by the idea that I could play lead - I took an online blues guitar course though chords were still not flowing for me and the creativity got stuck trying to get comfortable with chord changes.

I just found this course and started Guitar Breakthrough Mastery and I have already had breakthroughs with the basics - picking to speed up notes, and the pentatonic & scale patterns have allowed me to jam with the backing tracks. This is so rewarding.

My goal is to be able to jam, improvise, solo, and play to any song in any genre with other musicians and perform to audiences.

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