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Hi I'm Vance but y'all can call me kuntry Boy I played piano since the 5th grade all the way to the 10th or maybe the 11th.Ive always wanted to play guitar but I just thought how hard it was to learn plus the expence . I'm praying I can learn it and it's what I want to do ,I love to hunt and i love my guns. I'm a double below the knee amputee, the surgeon said I wouldn't be able to walk with out a can or a walker,or hunt . I proved her wrong I can walk with out any kind of assistance and I hunted every day of gun deer season. I even rode my Harley .I've had people tell me that oh you can't do that well I just go ahead and do it and they're like well I'll be . Like I tell people and my self included, only I can put stipulations on me no one else can ,so when they try to tell me I can't,I don't care if it kills me I just do it. The look on there faces is like gold to me and if y'all haven't noticed by now yes I'm country  and kuntry Boy is my riding name and my nickname.I'm looking forward to meeting all of you,and ill take all the advice i can get that'll help me play my guitar ,one more thing if y'all haven't figured it out yet I'm a headbanger love my rock n roll and some metal this is how much I want to learn to play. Saturday I bought around 1,500.00 bucks worth for a guitar,amp and all the bells and whistles,and last night I found this group on line and joined up . So let's rock out 





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Sounds like you are one tough cookie, Kuntry Boy! I'm not a headbanger but I know a few. 

The hardest part about learning to play guitar is making the commitment to pick it up and play it every day. I still have a problem with that sometimes. Practice is the only thing that eventually makes it easy to play chords, riffs, scales, and all the rest. There is no end to learning how to play guitar so you need to accept that up front. If you love it, it's never a problem to keep learning. But it can be extremely frustrating at times!

What kind of guitar and amp did you get? 



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