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Changing the cosmetics of your guitar

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16607753850886954767150641350331.thumb.jpg.89442b32aa47e43ac91d03b2ec58f7b7.jpg16607751772138814050973535666767.thumb.jpg.ccb0828594b29452610275160d049a92.jpgI have a Jackson guitar and it is the same color of the wood grips on my 357 ruger Blackhawk I mean identical . I been thinking of wood burning the ruger symbol that's on the grips on it.any thoughts on it ? , and where on it would y'all put it ? I was thinking on the top upper right here's a some pics of my axe and my gun 

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On the upper "horn" as you're holding the guitar (upper left as viewing the picture) would put it in the same relative position as it is on the grip and visually reinforce the connection between the two.

Just be careful when you do it. It could either be epic or ruin the look of the guitar.

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