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Hi - from Norway..

This is maybe a quite long read but hopefully somebidy takes the time to read?

My name is Nova, 54 and 

A year ago I decided to pick up my guitar for the 3.time -That is:  pick up on the learning where I left 10 years  ago then I played/learned for about a year. - Before that, I learned a bit in high school, 1982. Back then I did not like the way we were taught and Aftere that I did not touch it for about 20 years.

Ok -By now I have practiced and played every single day since july last year, acheiving little by little way beyond my stage by 2012 - and consider my level between 2 and 3 -learne3/hobbyist.

I know about 12 chords - 1 mode maybe 2 scales...but I have trouble remebering /learning chord orogressions in songs by heart..

My dream or main goal is : I want to be able to have automatized where I find the different tones on the frethboard- improvize and play melodies freely that use chords and arpeggios -I do not like tabs(although I understand them. I understand notes and therefore my other goal is to play arpegggios by notes

More important goal: wish to be able to hear what chords go where to play whatever song- wether it is pop/rock- classic - blues...(blues improvisation should be a must! )

Okay this was a lot.... I have and use only acoustic..one Yamato steal el.acoustic(hard) and an old originally steel strings "Hagstrøm "(1955)that now have nylon strings(the guitar workshop said thats more gentle to the instrument)

Im looking forward to find mh way around here and to get to know you people -students as well as teachers! 

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