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Is "scale pattern 1" from Guitar Grid 101 the only scale pattern?

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Good question! 

As the "101" in "Guitar Grid 101" suggests, Scale Pattern 1 is simply the starting point to mastering the fretboard.

As you work your way through the courses in the Guitar Freedom Formula, you will find many other patterns that connect the entire fretboard together seamlessly.

To give you an idea, there are 11 patterns in Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery and 9 patterns in the Pentatonic Fluency course.

That said, the point is not for us to memorize millions of different scale patterns. (That would be hard and boring).

Most patterns are simply used as "stair steps" to be able to "see" how the fretboard connects. Once you see how the fretboard connects, you can play freely - all across the fretboard - in any Major or Minor or Modal key, by using just ONE "7-string" pattern. You will discover this pattern in Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery.

If this didn't quite answer your question, or you have a question you don't see in Instant Answers, let us know by posting your question here!

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