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Left Handed Player

Dan Segura

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My name is Dan.   I’ve never really played guitar, but all my life I've wanted to play.   I tried to take lessons when I was in 3rd grade.  I couldn't stay with the lessons.  Now I’m 70 and still want to play.  My question is:  I’m left handed.  I found out the guitar that I have (given to me) is no good, the action is too high, I’m told, and the fret board is warped; there is no rod in the neck that would allow for adjustment; steel guitar strings were put on it, but I'm told that only nylon should go on this type of guitar; it’s also a right handed guitar.  

So I’m faced with having to buy a new one.  Would I be better off buying a left handed guitar?  Dexterity wise, would that be easier or better for me?  Please let me know what you think.  Many thanks!
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Hi Dan, I'm left handed and bought a cheep guitar from someone on my ship while in the navy. It was right handed and we were out to sea so I tried to play it for awhile and never felt comfortable. I switched the strings around to make it a lefty and it just felt right. I played that guitar for ten years that way and I'm glad I switched it. Since then I've found many lefty guitars and have bought a few. My original started cracking because of the supports inside the body but it stills plays 40 years later. I've often heard that if you start playing right handed even if you are a lefty it  should not matter (had two different teachers tell me that) and there are many more right hand guitars out there. Also I can't go somewhere without my lefty and see a guitar and just pick it up and start playing. I often wish I had given playing right handed a bit longer to see if it got more natural but after 40 years now its too late. Hope that helped

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