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Need help deciding what courses to take and in what order.


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I am brand new to the site. I have looked through the courses and feeling VERY overwhelmed.

I would like some sugestions/insight on where to begin.

I played some power chords and a few struming chords 20 years ago (with bad habits I am sure)

I bought a new 6 string acoustic and looking to start my new guitar journey off on the right foot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Edward, for me, I just started with the scales because that's what I knew I wanted to do. I toggled between scales and rhythm and chords, because I'm ADD like that. But truth be told, I went through the major scales course from start to finish without bouncing around, and in a matter of two and a half nights because I got so excited. Then I bounced around a little more. You kind of realize you need the no-nonsense notes and perfect fretboard vision as you go along with the scales the more you try to branch out from simply playing scales. That's where phrasing comes in. I'm still practicing phrasing and am about to start learning riffs by ear from songs I like that aren't too crazy intimidating. I've been on and off for years but I guess in a nutshell, just start where you feel you need the fundamentals (i.e. rhythm, scales, or chords, or chords and rhtyhm, or scales and rhythm). If you follow my advice, and if I follow my own advice, I think we'll be off to a great start.

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Welcome @Edward!

I agree with giladzvi said, sometimes you start with what interests you the most. Because that's what you will get excited about, engage with and that's what's needed to have the energy to get after it, practice and improve.

If, however, you are overwhelmed or just want to start in one place and take the journey step by step, start from the beginning. Start at Guitar Grid 101, then Guitar Grid Mastery. Hit the Unlimited Dexterity constantly, to practice dexterity. And work the courses, essentially, from the top of the Courses page to the bottom.

You'll see, on the courses page, that each course is tagged for level. Some say Free. Some say Fundamental. But most say Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4. And they go in descending order.

You can also click the Guitar Freedom Formula course, and learn how GFF works in terms of grouping them into a framework. That may also help.

Hope this helped!

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Ok so It did not make sense what you were saying about they are labeled until I actually purchased and was able to get backstage.

I was a member of the forum and looking at the site as a guest. I went with Guitar Grid 101a and can now see the labels.


Thank You and I am getting started


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