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What are the 7 Feelings?

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The video presentations in Guitar Grid 101 and Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery) explains what the 7 feelings are, and how they're used.

Some students, however, want an exact definition of each of the feelings. However, that way of thinking can actually be dangerous and counterproductive for your guitar playing. Here's why...

The important point is not to "know" each of the 7 feelings intellectually, or theoretically. It's to play them yourself, and actually FEEL them through the experience of playing. When you do, you actually understand the feelings yourself and be able to label them according to how they feel to you. However, the feelings do share characteristics, so I will give you a guide below that will "point" to how each of the 7 feelings sound - so you can recognize them as you play them.

Here are the basic characteristics of each note, when compared to the "root" (keynote) of the major scale (note number 1).

  1. Feels settled. Final. resolved. Like "home"
  2. Stepping out "from home", one foot out the door, that feeling of anticipation just before someone says something important
  3. Innocent, friendly
  4. Taking a new stance, yet not quite a strong one. "show tune" like. A little "cheesy" feeling.
  5. Strong. Powerful. Like blowing the trumpets before attacking the castle.
  6. Seeing something in a new light. Like the sun shining through after a quick April shower.
  7. Mysterious.

This should help identify the feelings as you're playing, but really, the best way to internalize them is, of course, to practice improvising and listen closely (or to "feel" the emotion each note creates), so you can mentally categorize it, internally. And then be able to repeat it.

Additionally, if you are a Guitar Freedom Formula member, I encourage you to go through "How To Play Anything By Ear" if you haven't - as it will train your ear on these feelings much more, so you'll be able to "label" them internally as you see fit.

We encourage you to play however you want (pick or not). However, don't avoid doing something (like using a pick) if you're afraid of it. Not saying that's the case here, but it's important to state.

If this didn't quite answer your question, or you have a question you don't see in Instant Answers, let us know by posting your question here!

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