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Accelerator Opening Enrollment This Week!

Austin Carter

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Hey everyone,

A little over a month ago, we opened our first ever real-time small-group lessons, called the Accelerator.

Our group of Accelerators join on a call every Monday with one of our top teachers, Doug Van Bevers. Doug answers questions they have regarding their progress and improvement, not only in Breakthrough Guitar, but on the guitar in general. And works through a handful of tips, tricks, practices, and more that can - well - Accelerate their progress!

That first Accelerator Program has been outstanding. I watch every week, we have a good turnout, and people are seeing real changes and finding their next Breakthrough.

So, with how successful it has been, we've opened enrollment this week for more members to join us.

If you're interested in learning more, Click Here!

Rock on,
Austin & The BG Team

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