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Old Dog Learning New Tricks


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Hey All!

My name is Lloyd Lauer, my friends call me "Skip". I have been playing guitar on and off for roughly 46 years. I have played in numerous cover bands, and even played in a band doing all original material and played in Hollywood, CA (The Troubadour, Gazarri's, among others) in the late 80's. I love playing, but have found it becoming increasingly difficult to play cleanly and in time. My biggest issue I feel is my fret hand positioning. In the early 90's I broke both of my wrists in a work related accident and now have extremely limited range of motion and a little arthritis. I have just gotten into Module 2 of Guitar Grid 101, which demonstrates how to position your fretting hand to get maximum stretch and easier fretting. This position is excrutiatingly painful and makes it impossible to even stretch 3 frets and sound clean. The way I have to hold my fretting hand is exactly what the video says is completely wrong. Am I doomed to never being able to play cleanly and fluidly with this hand position?

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@Skip I would recommend Unlimited Dexterity. You can find some helpful tips there. Also, I would say that you should not do anything that is painful. Work at it slowly until you can do it comfortably. I have used "drunk raisins" to help me with my arthritis and it may help you as well. Put white raisins in a bowl and soak in rum overnight. then take 6 of the raisins, they will help lubricate the joints and lessen the pain.

Fred 🎸

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