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Classic Simple Songs

Alan Desmond

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There's been minimal new posts in Forum lately, so thought I'd contribute.

I like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan & John Denver's music. (also like Blues) If anyone would like to play a simple old English folk song Scarborough Fair, I've attached  chord sheet from my song book+my own work sheet that gives slightly diff'nt chords & position play address that I like.  Of course you can play the melody from other A key notes (if you prefer. A lot of songs I do now I pick the first few notes that fit the lyrics (you'll see from wrk sht) end phrases in chords gives it body.    This song is a good example to put the chords on a looper and play melody over it. Anyone oldies who likes Paul Simon's stuff will remember they did it I'm 1970's.

For any others who like Blues you will see I posted a work sheet for a Bill Withers song I've done for myself.  Anyone who gives my arrangements a go please leave comments for any ideas embellishments you may come up with.  I'm always looking for new ideas. We're all learning as we go all the time, that's guitar.




Alans Scarborough Fair.jpg

Scarborough Fair fr Book.jpg

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