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What should I do?


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Hello! I’ve been working through one module at a time and trying to create a good foundation.  I am currently working on then “How to play any chord anywhere on the neck.” I’m 90 % through and I could really use some advice on what to do next.    I’d like to maybe try something where I can apply what I’ve learned along with some music.  Should I just find another module and keep getting through the basics, or is there something somebody can recommend?   

Maybe I can try to do something in parallel?

Thanks for your help.  

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In terms of progress in the modules I am at a similar place as yours. This last course on triads is excellent, but I realize that it will take a fair amount of time and practice to be at ease with all the chords and inversions. To put some fun and interest in the process I picked 2 songs with simple chords ( "Stand by me " and "Let it Be") and I try playing them at various places on the neck using different voicing of the chords (different set of triads). Got this idea from a YouTube tutorial on Let it Be.

I also found a one hourlong presentation by Niko Lalangas Music on YouTube which is, to my opinion, very compatible with Jonathan Boyd's approach and complementary. The chord diagram that you can download is useful and his suggestions on how to practice triads is worthed.

Finally, I plan digging in the ear training course in the meantime and let practice and time do the work for triads.

Hope it helps and if someone else has advice on the same subject I am very interested too.


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Hello and thank you for the recommendation Yves!  I plan to spend a little more time with the major and minor chords along all of the string sets.  The first couple were simple, but I started having a little difficulty on the D & G strings. I just want to sure those up and move on.  


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With the holidays and some unwanted distractions from work.  I’ve had a difficult time getting back to my practice.  When I left, I was learning to play chords along the entire fretboard.  Should I just recap that and then move forward?  Also, I feel like I need to practice all of the major scales again, because being out of practice I’ve forgotten them.  



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1 hour ago, Fred Soukup said:

You can do that, but I am sure you will just be doing it as a refresher. One thing that I do is practice the at least one of the 7 patterns every day. Changing them up so I play all of them over the course of a week.

Do you happen to remember which lesson the major patterns were in?  

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