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Hello from Michigan


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I'm starting to learn guitar again (after giving up two other times). I'm over 50.

I took an introductory fingerstyle course online, and enjoyed it a lot. It sounds better than strumming to me. Been working on this for the past 3+ months. I have an electric and an acoustic guitar.

I know perhaps 8 or so chords, no bar chords, struggling with the B7 chord needed in a song. Can't play a full song that sounds good yet. Always get stuck on some difficult parts.

I actually had to look up what was meant by "soloing" when I came across ads for Breakthrough Guitar. At this stage, I found the Guitar Grid 101 to be somewhat over my head when asked to try to improvise. And have kind of given up on that for now. I wasn't sure if Breakthrough Guitar was really for someone at my (low) level or not, but decided to continue with it as it seems to have information I haven't come across anywhere else.

My goal for now is to continue learning the fingerstyle approach and be able to play at least 5 songs well (I'm at zero right now). I looked at the Guitar Player's Roadmap, and I'm probably at the Learner level. Also went through the Perfect Practice Principles - great detailed tips. I know I need to really slow down and focus on small bite-sized pieces to improve.

I just started on No Nonsense Notes which I figured would be good to learn regardless, given that I have zero musical background. Not sure what the best path is for me here. Always looking for guidance.


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Hi Ravi!

First I would say Welcome to BTG. Second, I would say it did something like Magic for me after a little bit less than 6 months. I could play chords and some songs, but was way under zero for soloing, even thinking it was not for me. Well now I love improvising over backing tracks whereas before BTG I would never have dared to try. As for fingerpicking I don't know how BTG can help, I will let someone from BTG give you advice on that, but for guitar playing in general and knowledge of the fretboard, well, you are at the right place!

My best advice would be start with Guitar Grid Mastery and evolve from there. Also, go for the finger exercises, you will never regret it.

Finally, keep enjoying guitar, it is an endless world of happiness!

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