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Hey! Its great to be here. My name is Glen, and I started playing guitar back in 1980, with a cheap Telecaster knock off. It wasnt long though before I had my first band, we were called Eclipse, and we got a gig at our local Rec center in '82. We played stuff by the Stones, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. After that the band went through some pesonnel changes, and never really played anywhere again. Through the 80's though I continued playing on my own. Im basically a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal guy, but now love all kinds of music. My journey on guitar has been on again off again. In the 1990's I got in a new band with my cousin, and an old friend on drums. We were doing stuff by Soundgarden, Green Day, Alice in Chains, Nirvana etc. but the only places we ever played were open mic nights, and we never found a full time Bass player, we auditioned a few guys, but nothing ever materialized. After that I got married and didnt play much guitar at all untill the late 2000's when I got involved with 2 different church bands! One never did anything out of my basement, but the other one I auditioned to play Bass, and got the gig! That was my greatest experience playing because I was able to deal with my stage fright, as I was playing in front of dozens each week, and one special show we did there was over 500 people in attendance. Also one of my favorite all time hockey players went to that church so it was really cool playing in front of him, after watching him perform for me fo so many years. It was at that church that I also got trained on the mixing board, On Sundays when I didnt play on stage, I got behind the board, and I eventually decided I liked that more and became the full time sound guy. After 2012 and Hurricane Sandy, and some philosophical differences with the leadership we left that church and my playing hit another "off again" stage.
Now 10 years later I got laid off from my job, so I find myself with some extra time, and what happens? My best friend who played Bass way back there in '82 tells me that 3 of the guys from our high school band want to get together and start jamming again! So here I am, with a new drive to learn more than I ever took the time to before, and hopefully some good experiences to share in the future!
My guitars are:
A Phoenix Electra I got back in '83
A Fender Strat I got in '96
A custom guitar my cousin made in '93
A Jackson Flying V (the cheap model) '10
An Ibanez 5 string Bass '09

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