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Top Ten Q&A Live - Episode 6

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Top Ten Q&A Live - Wednesday, October 5th

Join our awesome host Brock Douglas as he interviews his special guest this week, Ryan Withrow!

Click the link below NOW to tune into the Top Ten Q&A Live session with Jonathan!


We'll also be live streaming the episode on our Twitch page, Twitch.tv/breakthroughguitar


Brock and Ryan will be answering the Top Ten Questions we've been receiving at Breakthrough Guitar lately, as well as some select questions we think will help you towards your next Breakthrough.

This is a great opportunity for all to answer those lingering questions you may have, or a question you never thought to ask that could lead you to your next breakthrough.

And this forum thread will be open for conversation during the Q&A and we hope to see you all tune in.

See you all soon!

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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie to Breakthrough. Just signed up. Lessoned and played as a kid. Minored in music is college. 35 years in the TV production insustry, 2 marriages and 5 kids later I 'm back to learning. Your podcast #6 was cool. Great intro to you both and I'm moving on to discover more. Good luck.


Bolingbrook, IL

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