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Ergonomic electric guitar suggestions

Ernie D

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14 hours ago, Ernie D said:

I am looking for ergonomic comfortable electric guitar to reduce neck and back aches.  I tried Strasberg Boden classic model no it comfortable but did not like the neck and slanted frets.  Looking for recommendations 

Hi Ernie. It's very personal choice I ask Everyone has there own preference. Most have a few guitars. I've a Fender strat a Takamine acoustic+Les Paul (look-alike). But I play sitting in front of a laptop a lot.  For small size light weight I tend use my Honner (Steinbergér) most. It's headless like Stranberg but parra frets & uses fixed length strings, I use D.Adderio lights. Think these ones r made by Gibson now. As I say a personal choice & good if you travel, mine came in a hard zip case 32" by 11" by 4". The model I have now called Spirit. Think you can find them on Google

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@Ernie DIt was suggested by @Doug Van Beversin a speed and accuracy class that you can use good posture to help reduce pain while playing guitar. Basically, holding the guitar in the classical guitar position over your fretting hand knee and using a pedal or some kind of stand to support your foot should help with your playing comfort. I have incorporated that into my playing and it has helped me. It may help you as well, can't hurt to try.

Fred 🎸

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