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TNG (The New Guy) Writing To Say Hi

Bob Calvillo

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Hello to all and I look forward to learning as much as I can about playing and honing my guitar skills.  Truth be known I'm not really that good as I've been playing on and off for about 10 years now and still haven't learned a thing about playing.  I've taken online courses and taught myself how to read music; though that is not truly true as I played trumpet for 6 years so I could read music, still I feel I've not progressed further. 

I could type an entire section on my guitar experience starting from trying to learn from my Dad, who was a Flamenco guitarist and failed miserably to teach me; he was an extreme perfectionist, hence the reason I played trumpet for 6 years.  When my Dad passed; quite a while back, I felt I was truly missing something by not learning the guitar. 

My family history comes from Spain so one would figure I should already play Flamenco.  Not at all, I am totally taken aback by Flamenco players and also guitarists in general.  As far as I can remember guitarists have always attracted my ear with their playing. 

I've always known I have guitar in my blood and now as I age on and with 6 kids and one; my youngest 8yrs old, becoming interested in learning how to play, he has become my motivation to learn and then teach him the correct way or possibly in the future introduce him to this course.

You won't find a more passionate person than me about the guitar and I really do not have a strong attraction to any guitar genre, any playing will do.  It could be heavy metal, classical, rock, classic rock to whatever guitarist is good these days.  Just guitars alone is what I'm interested in playing like or with.

My goal in this course is first, to learn, then have fun.  Oh and of course become the best guitarist I can possibly be.  My ultimate goal would be just to play an open mike anywhere and feel comfortable playing well and with lots of fun.

I hope to meet you all soon and good luck to you all as well.  

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