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Hi from ND

Nick Costello

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Hey everyone,

I'm Nick from Louisiana, a sophomore in college. My guitar journey began when, for my 18th birthday in March '20, my dad bought me a Fender Stratacoaster. Since having it, I've been playing off and on. I joined Breakthrough Guitar around October '20, so a little over a year ago. My favorite guitarists are Jimmy Page, Randy Jackson, and Brian May. "Heartbreaker" claims the titles for my favorite riff and my favorite solo. Probably the best thing I can play is that riff. I've also played some other LZ, and some AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Pink Floyd (via Marty Music). I can't move my fingers fast enough to play the riff from "Black Dog". I find that I enjoy playing "You Shook Me All Night Long" more than playing scales.

If I were to wave a magic wand, I would wish for the finger speed to play that solo from Heartbreaker. I'd also like to learn everything there is to know about guitar and music in general. (Like everything it takes to play Stairway or "Over the Hills and Far Away" or "The Song Remains the Same.")

My ultimate dream is to make money with my music. That seems like a fun career, something I might actually enjoy.

Happy fall and football season,


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