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Johnathans Video Clip today

Alan Desmond

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Hi fellow members. Just maybe a helpful tip. J was answering a question songs, melodies & scales. A good example is in the Sound of music film. Julie Andrews sings Doe a Deer to the children. Suggest anyone interested google it. Then see I've attached a sheet that identifies the Do, Re, Mi etc to the notes of each key you may want to play in.

Hope you find it helpful

Table of Keys.jpg

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9 hours ago, Fred Soukup said:

@Alan DesmondThanks for the chart!

Fred 🎸

Hi Fred, Yes seen a couple of fellow members ask'g note numbers & how they relate. While ago I came across that chart which ties it together for the music keys Most oldies know Julie Andrews song  Seen folks asking how to stay inspired too. I don't have that problem as I'm inspired by the music I hear some thing good and want to be able to play it.

Just now I'm trying "Still got the Blues for you" a classic by Gary Moore. Eric's done versions too. It's an Am Blues so can play it as patt'n 6 from A note D string fret 7. nicely fits lyric phrases it uses ABCDEF notes all local on D & G strings. Also BB Kings box Then for octaves bends & riffs shift up to frets 19,20,21. as said it's work in progress but I'm nspired by the song.

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