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This Week's BGTV Schedule (10/17 - 10/23)

Austin Carter

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Hey everyone,

This week, Breakthrough Guitar will be going LIVE on Tuesday and Wednesday and we welcome you to join us as we grab our guitar and dive towards our next Breakthroughs. 

Live Practice With Ryan Withrow - Tuesday, 3pm EST
On Tuesday at 3pm EST, we invite you to join Ryan Withrow as he streams his practice sessions and helps you get the most out of your practices, as well as answers questions from those in the Live Chat. This is a free weekly event that we have been holding to help you improve your practice habits, so grab your guitar, tune up and join us!

Top Ten Q&A Live - Wednesday, 4 pm EST
And on Wednesday at 4pm EST, Brock Douglass will be holding another Top Ten Q&A Live, where he and a guest panelist answer some of the most pressing questions we're seeing at Breakthrough Guitar. This week's guest is Jonathan Boyd!

We will be streaming these sessions in our BGTV section FOUND HERE, to make it as easy as possible for you to join us.

Be sure to Like & Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitch channel to never miss a single one of these FREE and LIVE events.



See you there!

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