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Hello from VA

Blaze Moyer

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Hello everyone,

            Glad to be here,  some of you may know me by Deborah, I am  member of the Facebook group.  However I prefer to go by Blaze.  I joined the forum yesterday.

  • How did you start playing, and what has your journey looked like so far?     I started playing guitar officially at the age of 25.  I brought my first real guitar  and took a class that was being taught at our local community college.  Been plugging away for the past 32 years  trying to  make some magic happen.   However family, work and life  in general had the guitar setting in the corner collecting dust.  Every so often I break it out and put some time in  but I really never progress  further than playing the basic open chords and a basic down up strum.   At the beginning of 2020 I made a promise to myself that I was going to learn how to really play the guitar.  I signed up for lesson via Skype with a great teacher in Feb and got to work than the pandemic  hit,  so I really had no excuse but to put the work in.   I was working from home and really didn't leave the house.  Things were progressing nicely and my playing improved.  As my playing got better I started wanting to do more stuff on the neck of the guitar.  My teacher and I was working on this when I happen to see Jonathan's You Tube commercial.   You know the one where is asking all the questions.  I found myself saying yes to all of them,  so I clicked the link and signed up for the free course.  I was blown away  it was a short course, but  I played my first  solos and they sounded so good to me.  I could not believe how he made it simple to understand, when  others made  it so hard and super complicated.   I signed up for the lifetime membership and  have just continue to grow as a player.


  • If we could wave a magic wand, what would you LOVE to be able to do on guitar?  Wow that a hard question to answer,  I  would just like to be able to play every type of music out there from Blues, Country, Pop, Jazz, R&B with confidence and swagger.
  • What does your ultimate dream look like?  I don't really know,  my expectations concerning my playing continually changed.  As I meet the goal I set,  I am always working towards learning new things to enhance my playing.  I remember how I struggle with barre chords over the past year thinking I would never get them now I am playing them like I been doing it for years.  Right know I am really working on timing and strumming especially 16th beats strumming with is use a lot in Funk and R&B music.  So the journey continues.
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Welcome @Blaze Moyer!

I'm really happy to hear that short course was impactful and I'm glad to have you join more courses and the community. Excited to hear about your progress, as you move forward through the rest of the courses. Be sure to post in the Breakthroughs section each time you have a Breakthrough. We'd love to hear about them!

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