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Why It feels like a mistake on my part. I seem to know all this already.


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I guess I may not gain much from this and I will likely be better off doing what I had previously.

I already know the fretboard, notes, modal theory, Diatonic, pentatonics and the Blues scale. I easily use scale books to learn additional scales and realize it is the concept of music that I find missing. Most teachers seem to use player studies to teach music, but I would prefer to understand those principles without tainting the theory. If I wanted to learn cover songs, I wouldn't still be needing online lessons. Tabs work generally well enough to learn that. I am hoping this isnt a waste of time. That is the other ingrediate. Timing and the use of it.

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@SixStringThe purpose of this program isn't for you to learn "cover songs" although you certainly can do that. The idea is for you to learn how to let the music inside of you out. Make your own style so that you can become a musician not just a guitar player. Eric Clapton got his influences from other guitar players like BB King. They give you the opportunity to add your own style or add theirs to yours. The point is you will get out of the courses what you put into them, so have fun and learn.

Fred 🎸

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