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In my 60s and decided to try one of my bucket list items ... guitar! Figured I would learn some "campfire" versions of songs so I can sit on my porch and entertain myself when I retire. Oops! I'm hooked and getting sucked in deeper and deeper. Came across Breakthrough on You Tube and thought I would give it a try. Here's my question:

Using the 7 feeling notes pattern 1 (major/minor) makes sense but it seems limiting. When I see good soloists, it doesn't seem like they sit (for example) in just those 7 notes of pattern 1 of the key of G (for example). While I get that the 7 will work throughout the chord changes in a given a key, does it take the concept further to play the 7 note pattern, but move it to the key of whatever chord is being played? For example, over G-C-D, could you play the 7 notes for each of the G, C and D keys as the corresponding chords change, or would you end up hitting some sour sounding notes because you have transitioned out of the Key of G? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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