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Hi All, My name is Michael, And I am currently struggling with progress in my guitar playing. the main area i am struggling with is learning the notes on the neck. I know them but it takes me a long time to get to the exact note i want as i have to go through each not on the string and find it. I think its partly what is keeping me from using my ears to pick up songs etc. I am dyslexic and can read Tab if i need to. Can anyone suggest anything that may help me learn the fret-board better. 

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@Michael912000I may be wrong but try using the charts provided in the modules. For example, in Guitar Grid Mastery you will learn the different fingerings for the fretting hand. You can replace the note name with a number until you get used to where they are located on the fret board. Like I said follow the finger patterns shown in the modules and do exactly what is said in the video, that should help you a lot.

Fred 🎸

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