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Recommended Amp settings for crunch, overdrive channels?


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I have a Marshall MG15FX amp.  It is a solid state with effects (reverb, chorus/phaser/flanger/delay) that can be changed using different knobs.  The clean channel I can get some great sounds.  When I go to the crunch channel, it seems more muddy unless I really turn down the gain and remove the effects.  The overdrive channels are even worse.  I've gone on Youtube and there are guys that play each channel and it sounds amazing.  But I can't see where they have the knobs set at!

Does anyone have recommendations for how to get good sound on the distortion channels?  Do you need to turn off the effects and really lower the gain? Or is it that my technique is poor?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alan here, some time ago i received a post that attached recommended Amp settings played for some classic rock songs. I havn't tried them myself as many are for rock stuff i dont usually play, as I'm more into playing the Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, John Denver and Blues. There's so much music & different styles out there.

If you think the setting sheet may be useful to you, send me a mail and I'll forward a copy to you on gmail.

My mail alandesmond2014@gmail.com.

Cheers f now. Alan

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