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Gear and tone quality.

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Hey everyone.

I have the following setup:

  • Squire Affinity strat.  With the Seamour Duncan little 59 bridge pickup and original mid and neck pickups.
  • Fender Champion 40 amplifier.
  • Boss Ds-1 pedal.
  • Boss CS – 3 Compression Sustainer pedal.

Our band is performing a series of Christmas shows in the region.  Songs like Love is Christmas, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Pie Jesu etc…

The amp is on stage next to me, off centre mic through a DI box, DS -1 to the guitar.

All the amp effects is off and volume, bass and treble is set to 5.  With these settings the crew can get me into the mix.

Previously, I had both pedals without a DI and it sounded terrible.  I also had the reverb and delay effects set on the amp.

It all seemed to clash and I never felt I made a contribution to the band.


Considering the above, what would you add to improve tone? Boss DD – 3 delay pedal….

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Hey there, I'll jump in on this.

One thing confuses me, "The amp is on stage next to me, off centre mic through a DI box, DS -1 to the guitar."

That reads like the mic. is going through the DI to the mixer?  That would be bad.  Or, maybe I should say not sound good 😉

I'm not liking the DI part of the signal chain.  The amp with a mic. in front should be all you need.  Unless there's some other thing going on, the DI is not really helping and may be hurting the tone.

What I would do is go guitar->compression->distortion->amp.  The DS1 will give you a little compression just because of the gain in the distortion circuit.  I think you should be able to get a great tone out of the amp with this setup and then the mic. will take that out to the PA, and the monitors if you need stage fill.


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