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Practice Triangle

Alan Desmond

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Found this pic in a publication a while ago, thought share with fellow guitarist's, may help newer guy's. Adjust time you've available (similar ratio). Me after tuning, I do dexterity warm up. Should follow BTG module or maybe develop some of ur own. I find take fingers 1 by 1 across fret board 20 times / finger is a good start. Then placing fingers on 4th fret and stretching fingers 1 by 1. first index then middle then ring & pinky. Play the notes on the 5th fret low E to high E. This builds finger strength, but more you hear the notes u want as u get better & get good I'll know just the amount of pressure you need to get consistent notes. Me then I do 4 finger spider exercise from course unit. Finally play all the patterns of Am pentatonic up the neck.

Then ready t play fovourite riffs & move on to any new songs I'm learning.

Hope the above helps some, gett'g the fingers wrk'g strength & flexibility's primary importance to our success.


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